We are a small property management company that strives to keep our tenants happy, but still be personable.  We have geared our service to equally help both the tenants and the owners.  We are very proud of the fact that we are hands on with all of our tenants and owners and know each and every one of them personally.  This provides for smooth transitions all around and is a better fit for everyone.  We look forward to working with you and getting you into your next dream home!

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Landlord Rules and Regulations


1. Tenant agrees to the following rules:




B. You are required to change the air-condition filters monthly. Note that you will be held fully responsible for any A/C repair costs incurred due to damage to the unit caused by dirty air filters.


C. You will be responsible for the cost of all repairs and damages due to waste-water stoppages caused by improper objects in the lines.


D. It is your responsibility to replace any burnt out light bulbs and batteries on all smoke detectors.


E. Owners are responsible for termites and carpenter ants.  Tenants are responsible for all other pest control including bed bugs.  If these pests are found in your apartment and need to be treated by management you will be billed for this.


2. Tenant agrees to pay all late charges, maintenance charges, and violation fines upon receipt of notice and is aware that per your Lease Agreement, any monies received may be applied towards non-rent obligations first.


3. Tenant agrees to pay rent on the due date stated on the Lease Contract each month with the understanding of the following rules:


A. If your rent is paid late, all late charges are due with your rent payment.  Late rent will NOT be accepted without the full late charges unless other arrangements have been made with FRRM Ready, LLC.


B. Rent received after business hours on the due date on your Lease Agreement IS late and must be paid in the form of a cashier check or money order and accompanied by all late fees.  Personal checks will NOT be accepted unless other arrangements are made with FRRM Ready, LLC in advance.


C. Late fees will accrue through the date full rent is received.  If rent is late and paid after the close of business, late fees will be charged through the next business day when we receive payment.  Business hours are Monday through Friday 9am -5pm.


D. If your rent is going to be late you are required to submit in writing your intent to make payment of your rent and late charges in full.  It is important you contact us in writing prior to rent being due if your rent is going to be late. 


E. FRRM Ready, LLC will not accept any 3rd party checks.  If your personal checks do not have your current address on them, please be sure that you write your address on the check each month.


4. Tenant will be required to reimburse FRRM Ready, LLC for the cost of each eviction case that is filed plus a $59.00 administrative fee per defendant should we be forced to file an eviction. (administrative fees subject to change without notice).       

Tenant will also be required to reimburse FRRM Ready, LLC for any other court fees such as writs, small claims, etc.


5. Pet Rules if you have received written authorization to have one: Tenant must:

      (1) take all reasonable action to insure that any pet does not violate the rights of other person;

      (2) comply with all applicable statutes, ordinances, restrictions, owners association rules, and other enforceable regulations regarding any pet;

      (3) keep the rabies shot of any pet current;

      (4) confine any pet that is a dog or cat, when outside to a leash under Tenant's control;

      (5) confine any pet other than a dog or cat in appropriate cages at all times;

      (6) promptly remove any pet waste from the Property, including all living areas, garages, storage areas, yards, porches, patios, courtyards, and desks; and 

      (7) promptly remove from the Property any offspring of any pet.


6. Tenant will place all trash inside the trash receptacle.  Do not place trash anywhere except inside of the designated receptacle.  Placing trash on the ground beside your apartment or by the receptacle is not permitted. Violation of this will result in fees added to your rent.


7. Tenant agrees to maintain lawn, including but not limited to:

(pertains to rental houses, duplexes and townhomes, per lease)


A. CONSISTENTLY maintaining the lawn, including plants, trees, and shrubs, etc.  This includes any grass/weeds from the front curb, back to the midpoint of the alley/easement of the property.


B. Keeping the lawn less than 6 inches at all times per City Codes. (violators may be fined)


C. Regular watering of the entire yard and flower beds (if applicable).


8. You will be provided one copy of your Lease Agreement at move in.  Additional copies are $5.00 cash each.  Any other document copies are $2.00 cash each.  All copies must be requested in writing and picked up from our office.  *Fees are subject to change without notice.


9. If you lose your keys or are locked out and maintenance needs to deliver you a copy of your key or opens the door for you, you will be responsible for the cost of the service call.  Cost for having a key made and delivered to you, $50.00.  Cost of maintenance or management coming to unlock the door for you is $30.00.  If maintenance or management is unavailable you will be responsible for contacting a locksmith and the cost associated with the locksmith.  After hours are subject to additional service fees.  


10. Owner or Owner's Agent may inspect the interior and or exterior of the property at any time with 24 hour notice.  


11. No public drinking on the premises outside at any time. 


12. No smoking inside any of the units.  Fees to clean smoke out of units starts at $250.00


13. If Tenant changes the locks, tenant will be charged a $100.00 fee.


14. If Tenant has an unauthorized occupant, tenant will be charged a $100.00 per month fee.


15. If your complex has locks with codes, you are not to give out the code to anyone.  


Violation of any part of these rules can result in fees added to your rent or possible eviction.


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